Live naturally... choose wool, the natural choice

Why Wool? Natural, safe, environmentally friendly are just some of the benefits of wool, which makes wool insulation the true value for money option.

Green Sheep® offer choice. We offer products that are sustainable, natural, non-irritating and non-toxic. We offer friendly service that is focussed on your needs. And most of all, we offer our guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with your choice of Green Sheep®.

Green Sheep® offer insulation solutions, utilising pure New Zealand Wool. Find us is in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland.

Green Sheep® is passionate about improving people’s lives. We supply a range of products all designed to help you live in comfort.

Ask us about the other services we can provide including Wool Insulation in Roll Form or Loose-Fill, energy saving LED lighting, ventilation systems, garage door insulation, HRV, DVS and SmartVent filter replacements and Insufluf removal.

**NEW** our shop is open.  Buy online and save!  You can now buy a range of our products online from anywhere in New Zealand.  Products include; Energy Saving LED recessed downlights, Replacement filters for HRV, DVS and SmartVent and garage door insulation.


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